Why 4G Swap?

I’m constantly getting asked why I’d swap a 4cyl 4G63 engine in to a car with a V6 6G72 engine. I’ve gotten so tired of repeating myself that I decided to write it all out here.

Price to Performance!

My original plan before I decided to go with the 4G Swap after seeing Eric’s progress was to go with a built 4 bolt 6G72 with twin 16Gs. The goal has always been a 600awhp+ setup that could hold the power. I did the math on achieving 600awhp for the built 4 bolt 6G72 vs the built 7 bolt 4G63 and found that the cost of it was going to be 1/4 the price for the 4G63 to make that same 600awhp. How and why you might ask? Because the amount of aftermarket support for the 4G63 is insanely more than the 6G72, which means a lot more parts are readily available new and used.

Less stuff to break!

The more components you have, the more components could possibly break. Pretty simple logic there.

  • One head instead of 2
  • One turbo instead of 2
  • One exhaust manifold instead of 2
  • 4 pistons/rods instead of 6
  • 16 valves instead of 24
  • 4 spark plugs & wires instead of 6,

You probably get the picture by now, less stuff to potentially break.

Parts are readily available!

  • Twin turbo 3000GT/Stealths only had a total of 26067 made, there were 33537 Talon’s with 4G63T motors alone made in JUST 1991… That is just one year and there were more than total all TT 3S’s.
  • As result of the numbers above, parts for the 4G63 are readily available for very low prices.
  • Also as a result of how many were made, there is more demand for aftermarket parts, which also means costs for manufacturers is lower since they can more mass produce parts rather than run a set of 10 of something because only 10 people on the 3S platform will buy it where they can make 100+ because they know the 4G people will buy them.
  • Part outs are frequent on the DSM platform. This is mostly because the body of the cars were poorly made and rust so easily, it is better to part them out and crush the junk bodies, that makes them the perfect swap for the 3S!
  • Lots of people are constantly changing up their setups to go faster or to dial it back, so just about any performance part you could want can be found used but in working condition.
  • 4G platform is very well documented and supported, almost any question you could have about them has an answer out there.

Easier power potential!

  • The current fastest 3S ran 8.57 in the 1/4 mile, there are 22 faster times out of 4G powered vehicles on dsmtimes.org than the fastest 3S.
  • The fastest 4G powered vehicles are currently running 6s and 7s in the 1/4 mile.
  • Even if you aren’t in to drag racing, there are still more ways to make easier power out of the 4G motor than the 6G.

Maintenance is MUCH easier!

  • Tons of room in the engine bay with the 4G engine to work.
  • Turbo can be swapped out easily with minimal time invested, 15-30 minutes.
  • Spark plugs. plug wires, and fuel injectors on the 4G motor are very easy to change unlike the 6G motor.
  • You can pull the head or even the entire motor if you need to in very little time with the 4G vs the 6G.

If all of that doesn’t convince you, stay with your expensive 6G motor that is a pain to maintain and has little aftermarket support. I’ll happily run my 4G motor that will cost me less money, be easier to maintain, and have much better aftermarket support in case I ever want to change my build.